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 LF2 DegenerationX Rules

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EragoneR eX

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PostSubject: LF2 DegenerationX Rules   Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:51 pm

Rule 1: No Spamming
No double, triple or more posts in a row, random-typing, multi threads, random question, off-topic stuff and whatever... Keep it clean.
Spamming includes unnecessary and irrelevant comments such as "I agree." "wow cool" etc.

Rule 2: No Profanity or Sexual and/or Illegal Content
That means no unacceptable language, wares or porn and anything related to it in all forums.

Rule 3: Ettiquette
It was your wish to join this forum, so behave in a good way and don't insult any members.
If you break one of these three rules continually you'll be banned!

Rule 4: No Multi Account
Don't create more then one account! If you created two accounts inadvertently while registering, just contact us, we'll merge or delete the second one and nothing happens. But if we find out you have more then one account you'll get into trouble and may also be banned!!!

Rule 5: English only
The Forum is English! No other languages are allowed, for the sake of comprehension.

Rule 6: No reviving old Topics
Please don't post into very old threads unless it's meaningful and very relevant. In such a case, if it is archived, create a new one, post and link to the old thread.

Rule 7: No Plagiarism
Taking or using the work of others without receiving permission and/or crediting the original author is strictly prohibited. All creations containing the work of others must include a readme with credits to the original creators. If you make a character and use sprites or data that were made by an unknown author, then you still must acknowledge that some of the work is not your own. LFE will not host any creations containing stolen work and members who plagiarise may be banned.

Rule 8: Website Search first!
Please search through the website before you post. Why? Most stuff is already explained there and I want to avoid questions like "What's the cheat of LF2?" . This rule is very important and many people used to ignore it.

Rule 9: Forgot to [Solve]
In order to reduce the time people waste by seeing an already solved thread which isn't marked as such, the author will be warned for not clicking the [Solve]-button at the bottom of his thread.

Rule 10: Excessive Color Formatting
Having multiple themes creates the problem with the colors of posts. The color change is just for emphasizing parts, not the entire post, so please refrain from doing so.

Rule 11: Unauthorized Usage of Story Profiles
Do not use people's character profiles in your stories if they explicitly forbid so. This can be viewed as theft and will be treated as such.

Rule 12: Code-Posts
Posting a lot of code leads to gigantic posts and gets really hard to read. Instead, use the [code]-tags. Even better is the usage of [code=dc] in case you ask a DCing-question as it will apply syntax highlighting like you're used from the Data-Changer.

Rule 13: Spelling / Grammar
For whatever reason, people tend to say everything in one sentence and do not really care about the spelling. An example of such a post would be: "hello i want to now y i been warned for sumthing liek bad spelling or gr4mm4r". Many members are not native English speakers and experience big problems reading it. It's better to check if your post content is free from any mistakes.

Rule 14: Exceeded Signature
Please keep your signature under 150 pixels in size, including text. If it's a bit more then please make sure you don't exceed it too far, large signatures are very annoying.
Also, please refrain from using animated signatures, especially large ones, as they do take a good bit to load and can make the forum unenjoyable for some people to browse.

Rule 15: "Help"-Thread
The reason for a thread-title is to give a rough and quick overview of the problem. Instead of using such non-descriptive titles such as "Help" or "Problem", be a little more specific.
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LF2 DegenerationX Rules
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